Surface Finish for 3D Printed Materials - Photo Gallery


Xometry offers a variety of materials in many different 3D printing processes! Customers often request to see examples of parts made in these processes. A picture is worth a thousand words, so hopefully the photos below will provide you with insight about our many materials and processes! Photographed part is roughly 1.5" square.


NOTE: Color and finish of dyed SLS parts is subject to vary from batch to batch. Colors shown in the photos are for reference only and cannot be color matched. Media tumbling SLS parts helps smooth the surface but will not fully remove grow lines. 
The sample part pictured measures 39.2mmx37.6mmx8.9mm and was printed with default settings for the process and material shown.
Watch our video on 3D Printed surface finishes:

Watch our video on 3D Printing materials:

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