Volume Discounts

With Xometry, you can order from quantity one to quantity many in a variety of manufacturing processes. Whether you're making one-off prototypes or are scaling low volume production runs, Xometry has a manufacturing solution for your project.

Volume discounts are available for a majority of Xometry's processes. Depending on the technology chosen, the discount may be just for one part in multiple quantities, or for multiple parts of the same material.

By changing the quantity on Xometry's instant quote, you can instantly see the updated pricing for the specified part(s). Also, by clicking the "more quantities" under the part price, you can preview different values at different quantities right away!

Pro Tip: Often machining, sheet metal, and casting processes have a higher upfront cost due to labor and setup. Adding more than one quantity to your order can be relatively inexpensive without major impacts on lead time and is a great way to make sure you have extras on hand!


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