Can you print transparent plastic?

Although they are not optically clear, our PolyJet 3D printed Translucent Rigid Photopolymer (VeroClear) has a frosted translucent finish which can be polished. We also offer FDM 3D printed ABSi, which has a diffused translucency in tints of natural, orange, and red (such as car tail lights). FDM PC-ISO is also a translucent filament in it's natural state.


Photo Examples of Translucent Materials

(The left photo demonstrates a VeroClear material in PolyJet 3D. The right photo demonstrates translucent FDM materials with ABSi in Orange and PC-ISO in Translucent Natural)


Ultimately no 3D process can make a perfect transparent or translucent solution. Milled materials like clear polycarbonate may be a better fit, but will have milling marks on any subtracted surface (they look like small swirls). Xometry can review to make a clear model through a significant amount of manual labor but often the price can be an order-of-magnitude higher than the material quote.


Photo Example of a clear polycarbonate which has been machined by milling.


Check out more photo examples of materials in our Photo Gallery!



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