I have an idea for a product. Can you help me manufacture it?

You’ll need a 3D CAD file to get started. If you already have the 3D CAD generated you can upload it through our "Get a Quote" site. Unfortunately, we don’t do 3D scanning, reverse engineering, or design services in-house. Xometry has partnered with 3D Design On Demand solutions provider, ZVerse, to create 3D files for customers who need designs from scratch or a design modified.  A common manufacturing roadblock we see is that a customer needs a part produced, but they may not have 3D file or their current file is not ready for manufacturing.  Many customers need reverse engineering of their legacy parts. ZVerse removes these roadblocks for customers with a fast and painless path to getting the part design you need. ZVerse will use your concept and references to deliver the high quality CAD file you need.  Get a quote for your part design now: ZVerse Design On Demand Quote 

Once you have that 3D file, you can then visit our online quote tool to get an instant quote: https://get.xometry.com/quote

We look forward to when you have your 3D Design ready to be fabricated!

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