What are your CNC Machining & Turning capabilities?

Watch our video on CNC Machining & Turning:

Xometry has significant capabilities in machining through our shop services and the Manufacturing Partner Network. In general, here are some guidelines for machine size but if you do have a quote that pushes to RFQ please make sure to request a quote review so we can take a look!

‣ 5 Axis Machining up to 26″
‣ 4 Axis Machining up to 36″
‣ 3 Axis Machining up to 60″
‣ Dual Spindle Lathes with 32″ Swing, 18″ Max Diameter, and 8″ Chuck
‣ Wire EDM with part depth of 18″

Manufacturing materials are always being updated and added via the website. Please feel free to reach out to one of our Technical Experts if you do not see the material you need!


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