How do I get a quote?

Xometry gives you instant pricing and lead times for your custom parts. All you need is a 3D model to start!

Watch our video on getting an instant quote:

There are two ways to get a quote! If you do not have an account, please start by registering here.

1. Upload one or more 3D CAD file directly from the Xometry homepage

2. Upload one or more 3D CAD file on our Get a Quote page

Our instant online quote platform allows you to upload 3D CAD files by drag-and-drop or browsing. If you have an account with Xometry you can add previously uploaded parts from your Parts Library.

Once a part is uploaded you can:

  • Select your desired material type and process, this will help narrow down the 200 materials we offer
  • Input threads and tapped holes, inserts, special tolerances, surface roughness and welding joints on the features tab
  • On the finish tab, several options are list, custom and standard is always available
  • Upload PDF files and add extra notes on the notes/drawing tab 
  • Don't forget to click apply all when you make a change

Note: If you have any tapped holes, or any tolerances smaller than +/-0.005", please add that information in the Features tab and use the Notes section for important details. You can attach a PDF drawing in that section as well.

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