Accuracy for 3D Printed Metals

Xometry offers Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) to 3D print metals using additive manufacturing techniques. Please keep the guidelines below for the tolerances and accuracy of 3D printed metals in mind when designing parts.

  • +/- 0.001” - 0.006” (+/- 0.0254mm - 0.1524mm) is typical for positive features
  • +/- 0.004” - 0.006” (+/- 0.1016mm - 0.1524mm) for negative features such as holes
  • Build volume of 9” X 6” X 6” (228.6mm X 152.4mm X 152.4mm)

 Additional notes:

  • Overhanging features larger than 45 degrees from vertical require support structures, which may restrict freedom of design.
  • Supported features may have a rougher or uneven surface.
  • Stress, supports, and other geometry considerations may cause deviation in tolerances and flatness.
  • Be sure to utilize fillets as much as possible to help material build naturally.
  • Fine features are more resolved in stainless steel than aluminum due to a lower thermal conductivity so design for looser tolerances in aluminum.
  • DMLS parts tend to have a matte gray or “sugar cube” like finish.
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