Updating Part Revisions

Watch our video on using the Parts Library:

Xometry offers ways to update an uploaded part through your parts library.

**Note that if a part has been ordered you must contact support@xometry.com for any revision changes. Xometry cannot guarantee that a part will be updated if it's already in a planning or process phase.**

Updating parts from your "Parts Library":

  1. Click on "Parts Library".
  2. Find the part file you would like to update.
  3. Click on the Part ID link or "Update Part" button.
  4. On the Update Part page, you can find an "Upload Part Revision" button in the 2nd row. Uploading a new file will replace the current one.
  5. Any quote where this part ID is located will be automatically updated. Note that if the part is ordered and you are waiting to receive this part you must contact support@xometry.com.
  6. If you have a quote open and it does not look updated please ensure the part ID is the same as the updated part ID. Try refreshing the page if the problem persists.

Updating parts from you unordered quote::

  1. Go to the quote that has the part you want to update and upload the updated file. 
  2. Delete the previous file from your quote page.
  3. Note: this creates a new Part ID in your "Parts Library". We recommend the first approach because if you have several quotes with the same part in them then this only updates one quote.


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