What is the Partner Success Score?

As a member of our world-class Manufacturing Partner Network, you are a crucial part of the Xometry customer experience. We rely on you to deliver excellent quality and fast lead times to our premium customer base on every single job. Your Partner Success Score is a measure of factors that are critical to customer satisfaction that ensures your success on the Xometry network: On-time delivery, quality, communication, and engagement. We are committed to working with you to optimize your performance in these areas.

How is my score calculated?

We track a number of data points to measure the quality of your parts, the timeliness of parts shipped, engagement with your Partner Portal and job board, as well as communications about active jobs. A few things to keep in mind when thinking about your score:

  • The specifics of our scoring system are proprietary. However, please note that being late on deliveries or shipping parts with specification defects will affect your score severely.
  • At a minimum, we use the last 30 days of data to calculate your score. We’ll go back as far as needed to get to 10 jobs, but won’t use any data over 6 months old. This means that being a long time partner, taking high-value jobs, and taking many jobs can all help your score. But it won’t count against you if you are new to the platform or if you have limited capacity. You can improve your score with every new job you complete.
  • Scores will be recalculated daily. The timestamp on the page will show you when it was last updated.

What can I do to improve my score?


  • Parts should meet the quality standards outlined in the Partner Guide.
  • Parts should be packaged appropriately to avoid damage in shipping.
  • Upload all required documentation (inspection reports, photos, C of Cs, material certs, finishing certs) to the Partner Portal.

On-time Delivery

  • Ship all parts for a given job by the job due date. Always mark jobs as shipped in the partner portal so we have an accurate record of when they were completed.
  • If an issue arises and a job may ship late, minimize delays as much as possible.
  • Closely review all parts in the job before accepting to avoid cancellations.


  • Proactively provide job status updates through the portal. Update statuses in real time as you receive materials, start production, and start inspection.
  • Respond quickly to any and all emails requesting updates on the status of a job.
  • Give us as much notice as possible if you run into issues. Remember, we’re here to help!


  • Regularly review available jobs posted to your job board.
  • Take work often.
  • Reject jobs that don’t interest you and provide pricing and manufacturability feedback when possible.
  • Provide updates on your shop’s capacity. 

How is my score used?

Over time, the Success Score will help determine the types and the volume of jobs you see on your job board. If you’re in the top tier of the Partner Network, you will access exclusive benefits such as the ability to ship parts directly to customers (translates to 2 additional days of lead time), preferential job offers, priority for repeat work from top tier customers, and eligibility for monthly bonuses*. A partner rewards program is in development so be on the lookout for exciting updates soon and keep up the great work!

*In the near future, monthly partner bonuses will be based on the Partner Success Score.

I don’t think my score is correct

We do our best to ensure the accuracy of the data that comprise the Partner Success Score. If you believe that your score has been incorrectly calculated, please click here to ask for a review and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I see which of my jobs were late?

We're adding additional information to the completed jobs page which will show a running record of any jobs marked as shipped after their due date. You will be able to filter this page to see the specific jobs affecting your success score.This feature is coming soon and we will announce the change when it goes live.

How do I see which of my jobs did not meet the defect standard?

We're adding additional information to the completed jobs page to show any jobs which include one or more parts with defects. You will be able to filter this page to see the specific jobs affecting your success score. You'll also have the ability to drill down into the details of the job to see which parts had defects. This page will include our inspection reports for each part and NCMRs when applicable. This feature is coming soon and we will announce the change when it goes live.

When will I see my new score in the job portal?

The scorecard will be rolled out in phases throughout the next few weeks.

Is Xometry going to add a feature so I know when you have received a part and officially approved it?

We have a first-class development team working to implement new features and improvements all the time. Look for this feature to evolve quickly, and please don’t hesitate to submit suggestions. Additional functionality, features, and incentives are all on deck!

Is the bonus program already integrated with our score?

For the next few months we will be continuing the bonus program as it has been. In the near future, we will use the score to inform certain exclusive benefits including the eligibility for monthly bonuses.

We reserve the right to adjust the scoring algorithm to ensure all partner scores reflect Partner Success metrics in quality, on-time delivery, communication, and engagement that our customers demand.

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