Partner Success Bonus Program

[UPDATE] May 3, 2018: The Partner Success Bonus program is now live. Bonus amounts for eligible partners will now be visible directly on the Xometry Partner Portal.

[UPDATE] The roll-out of the Partner Success Bonus program on the Partner Portal Job Board is scheduled for release by May 4. You will still earn a bonus as determined by your daily Partner Success Score from May 1, 2018, until the bonus amounts are visible on your Job Board.

The Partner Success Bonus program is designed to give you more control over how much income you earn on the Xometry Manufacturing Network. It works in lock step with the new Partner Success Score and rewards you for your quality work.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your bonus amount for each job is determined by your latest Partner Success Score.
  • Partner Success Scores of 80 to 100 will be eligible for a bonus. The higher your Partner Success Score, the higher the bonus.
  • The exact bonus amount will be presented along with each job on your job board*
  • Your bonus will be issued together with the regular, fast payments you can expect from Xometry
  • Please note, the Xometry Partner Bonus Program is currently only available to partners who do CNC or Sheet Metal work.

No more waiting for a bonus payment calculation. You see it before you accept. By monitoring and improving your Partner Success Score, you can control the bonus you see on your jobs the very next day.

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*Certain restrictions apply and are subject to change. Automatically outsourced jobs through the Partner Portal Job Board only. Minimum bonus amount is $1. Partner Success Score is calculated daily and updated in the Partner Portal.

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