Xometry Acquires MakeTime - Partner FAQs

Do I have to create a new Xometry Partner account?

No. We will be migrating all MakeTime suppliers over to the Xometry platform and will notify you of your new account information in the coming weeks. Continue to log in to the MakeTime account until further.

Will the Shop Advantage Program continue?

Yes, the program and all of its benefits will continue under the Xometry brand name and through Xometry’s platform. Xometry partners will now also be eligible for the program; click here to learn more.

What if I’m in both Xometry and MakeTime’s networks today?

You will remain a part of the Xometry Partner Network. You will need to go to Xometry’s Job Board to see the full range of jobs available from the combined company.

Why is being a part of a bigger network better for me?

The combined company will have more customers and more jobs in the near term. We project our growth to accelerate as we introduce the expanded set of capabilities to MakeTime’s customer base, resulting in more jobs for our Partner Network. You will also now have access to expert engineers and supply chain leaders from both Xometry and MakeTime. We are also pausing new recruitment while we integrate the networks, so you are part of an exclusive club.

I'm a MakeTime partner, where do I go for active jobs?

Continue to log in to your MakeTime account at maketime.io. The sign in link is still active. Continue to manage active jobs there until further notice from us.

I'm a MakeTime partner, will I still be paid on time and on active jobs?

Yes, continue to log in to your MakeTime account until further notice.

Do we have to do anything on our end or am I going to receive an email that directs my maketime account to the new side?

An email will be sent when all of the account information has been transferred.  

When should we expect to make an account switch and start receiving new quotes etc.?

We are working to migrate your account to the Xometry platform. Once that is completed, you will have to sign the Xometry Partner NDA and accept the Terms before receiving new job offers.

With the merger happening will I still be paid on time?

Yes. All jobs running through the MakeTime platform will continue as normal and payment will be sent via check in the mail upon customer approval. Regarding future orders, Xometry pays twice a month via ACH so payments are just as quick.

Who is my new point of contact?

You can send all questions to [email protected] and our partner service team will help answer any questions you may have.  

Just wondering if [XYZ] job is still coming our way?

Yes. Any jobs currently running through the MakeTime platform will continue as normal.


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