How do I quote using the Xometry add-in for Inventor?

Once the add-in is installed, simply launch Inventor and follow these steps:

1. Open the part you want to quote, or create a new part.

2. Open the Xometry add-in in, and login with your existing Xometry account. Once logged in, click on "Add Part to Quote" to start the quoting process.

  • The add-in will return a quote number, with a cost and lead-time based on a default material.
  • The Feedback tab will be visible first, advising you of any errors or recommendations related to your part, based on the currently selected material and manufacturing process.

3. Configure your part(s):

  • Material, features, and finish, and double-check the Feedback tab for any recommendations.
  • Add notes and attach any drawings or sketches in the Inspection, Drawings, Notes tab.
  • To add more parts, simply open the parts you want to add in Inventor, and click on "Add Part to Quote" for each part.

4. Review your quote by clicking on the Review Quote button - verify your material and finish selections, and update quantities if needed.

5. Click on Checkout and you will be redirected to our Checkout web page for payment and shipping instructions. NOTE: if your quote contains a part with errors, you will not be able to checkout unless you resolve the manufacturability issue or remove it from the parts list.

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