Partner Invoice Processing with Concur — FAQs

How do I set up a Concur account?
If you already had a Tipalti account, your Concur account will be set up automatically. Please note, your Tipalti login will not work with Concur. You will be asked to set up your login details during your Concur account registration. Invitations to Concur are being sent via email. When you receive your invitation, please follow the instructions provided by Concur to complete your account registration. If you have not received an invitation, please let us know.
I haven't received an invitation to Concur yet. 
Invitations to Concur are still being sent out. Please email us at with your information. Our Partner Management and AP teams will resend the invitation from Concur or you may need to fill out an additional form if more information is needed before we are able to send the invitation. 
I keep trying to input my Tax ID in Concur and it's not working. 
The Tax ID should only be nine numbers, without a hyphen. Please try entering it in that way. If it still isn't working, please let us know.
Concur is asking for an invitation code but I don't see one.
The invitation code should automatically fill in when you click the link. If this is not the case, please view the link again and copy the numbers/letters between the = and the first % and then add an equals sign at the end. 
For example (please don't use this one as it will not take you to the correct page), if your URL is, your invitation code will be "cDAwNjU4NzUyZzdjOjE=
How do I submit an invoice?
Send all invoices to Our AP department will review, approve, then upload into Concur. We've been told the current time frame for invoices to show up in Concur is one week. We do not expect any delays in payment. We have also created this guide with best practices for submitting your invoices to Concur. 
When submitting an Invoice, what do I need to include in the email?
All invoices, sent to, should be sent as an attached PDF document. Include the Xometry job number in the subject line to ensure you’re able to track invoices later on in Concur. Please note that any invoice sent as a link cannot be approved.
Will I get paid on time?
We are not expecting any delays in payment. The first round of Concur system payments will go out on October 14th, 2018. 
How long does it take for an invoice to show up in Concur?
Invoices can take up to 5 days to show up in Concur. Once the invoice is sent to, they must be reviewed and approved by our AP department, who will then upload the invoice to Concur. Please feel free to review the invoice section of our Partner Guide for Xometry's invoice payment schedule. 
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