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You will see three production speed options with every CAD file you upload to fit your budget and deadlines: Expedite, Standard, and Economy.

What does Expedite mean?

Expedite is the fastest production speed and delivery date option which includes an expedite fee. Your parts are made by our US Partner Network.

What does Standard mean?

Standard is the base Xometry price and lead time offering which means that Standard provides a price and lead time that does not include an expedite fee for shorter lead times or a price reduction and longer lead times and/or overseas manufacturing. Your parts are made by our US Partner Network. We are working to further improve pricing and shorten lead times in this option.

What does Economy mean?

Economy gives you the lowest possible cost. With this option, your parts may be made overseas and take longer to arrive. We will identify if your parts will be made overseas on the quote platform.

How do I know if my part is being made in China?

We list the country of origin on the quote. You can find it here:


When I click on production speed, why do all of my parts change to that production speed?

Production speed is an order-level selection. In other words, if you choose Expedite, all of the parts in your quote will be expedited.

What shipping speed do you assume for each production option?

We assume 1-day shipping for Expedite orders and 2-day shipping for Standard and Economy orders. You can always change your shipping method on the checkout page.

Why is Expedite disabled in some cases?

In some cases, we cannot make parts any faster than our Standard option. Therefore, we do not offer an expedite option.

Why is Economy disabled in some cases?

In some cases, we cannot make parts less expensive than our Standard option. Additionally, some manufacturing processes, materials, features, and certifications are not eligible for Economy.


Why can the Expedite price match the Standard price?

If some parts in a quote can be made faster, we will show Expedite prices for all parts in that quote. For parts that we cannot make any faster, you will see Expedite prices that match our Standard price.



How will ITAR or Domestic manufacturing requirements be handled?

Jobs with ITAR and domestic manufacturing requirements will continue to be manufactured by qualified partners in our US Partner Network. Manufacturing in China is not available for ITAR quotes/orders or quotes/orders with DFARS or Domestic requirements.

Will I get finishing certs if my parts are made in China?

No. Xometry does not provide finishing certs for parts that are made in China.

What are the shipping options for Economy?

You can choose from a selection of Ground, 2-day, or Next-day shipping options.


Is there a quality difference in parts that are made in the US vs parts that are made in China?

No. All Xometry parts will meet the Xometry Manufacturing Standards regardless of country of origin. All parts will ship back to Xometry for our in-house quality inspection.

Does Xometry collect duties and tariffs?

Yes. Duties and tariffs are included in your part price. You are not required to pay any additional fees.

Does Xometry inspect parts from China?

Yes. All parts that are made in China will go through a Xometry in-house quality inspection before being shipped to the customer.

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